mountains and sea ice in antarctica


Antarctica is one of the most fascinating and least understood places on Earth. Home to a wonderful mixture of eclectic people who live and work at the bottom of the world, it's a place we humans need more than we know.

If you're just stopping by at random or visiting here after TEDxWarsaw 2012, thank you for your interest and support. I'm re-writing my memoir of the Ice and will post updates from time to time. Meantime, please enjoy the photographs and links at right. More will be added soon.

TEDxWarsaw video notes:
The video is just under 12 minutes long, a very short time to describe more than three years of experiences on the 7th continent. I've cut out a lot of detail in favour of a description of what it's like to be at South Pole Station during the winter. In the video, I've summarised a few points that I should elaborate on in a further video at some point. Also, one point contains a bit of an error, the part about air climate research. I stated that the Clean Air Sector was home to "most" of the research of that type. My reference was to the length of time the station has been gathering data that shows a rapid change in CO2 levels that obviously could not be attributable to local effects, not to the many efforts worldwide, especially in recent years, to monitor and discover new things about climate change. Also, fuel for the stations also comes from New Zealand. Special thanks to Robert Schwarz and those who have contributed to the Antarctic Photo Library. With those notes, please enjoy the video at right. Cheers.

Selected images


South Pole Station
Bill Spindler's fantastic historical website is the definitive guide to South Pole Station.

Robert Schwarz
Having worked with a number of overwinter astrophysics projects, Robert has become a fantastic night sky photographer, especially his images of auroras.

Steffen Richter
Currently sharing the record for the most number of winters, Steffen is an electrical enginner working on advanced instruments at the South Pole and an off-Ice adventurer as well.