mountains and sea ice in antarctica

Brien Barnett

Brien was born in Montana, in the mountains of the American West. A trained and experienced print journalist, writer, copyeditor and web content editor now based in Poland, Brien has traveled across most of the U.S. and to five continents so far, including spending three consecutive winters in Antarctica (more at right).

Thank you to everyone who spent their time, energy and passion making TEDXWarsaw 2012 a great experience. When you're ready for change, you will go places you never imagined (the video of my talk is now available in the Antarctica section)


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The coldest, driest, windiest place on earth, Antarctica is also "home" to an unusual group of souls who make their way to the "ice" to live, work and learn. They create a wonderful mixture of eclectic, traveled people who both contrast with and reflect the natural space they inhabit at the bottom of the world. This collection of photos, videos and accounts will tell the story of life at McMurdo and South Pole stations, and will reveal why the seventh continent is important to people and life on Earth.

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